Cantilever Shades

These Structures Project Shade Across an Area, With Posts Along One Edge

  • Cantilevered Rectangle Shade
    Cantilevered Rectangle Shade
  • Cantilevered Umbrella Shade
    Cantilevered Umbrella Shade
  • Dual Cantilevered Umbrella
    Dual Cantilevered Umbrella

Cantilever shades are a great way to create shade on an area without interference from vertical posts. They do this by placing the post on the outside of the canopy, away from the play area. Our cantilevered shades are available in several different shapes:

playgroundshadestructures_cantilever_1Square and Rectangle Cantilevers
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cantilever umbrella shadeUmbrella Cantilevers
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The cantilevered supporting structure works differently for different shapes and sizes of canopy.

Square and rectangle cantilever shades have posts along one side of the canopy (for rectangles, usually one of the long sides).  There are 2 sets of posts at either end of the long side. The posts have long horizontal arms that project across the area to be shaded. playgroundshadestructures_cantilever_1
Umbrella cantilever shades have a single post outside the canopy area. With smaller models, the vertical post and support arm extend above the canopy, and suspend the canopy from above. With larger sizes, the post extends under the canopy at an angle, supporting the canopy frame structure. Both designs are very practical for casting a long shadow without creating any obstacles for the play area users. The canopies are available in square or hexagon shapes. cantilever umbrella shade

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