Hard Top Picnic Shelters

Several Designs and Sizes Available

  • 4-Post Hard Top Shade
    4-Post Hard Top Shade
  • 2-Post Hard Top Umbrella Shade
    2-Post Hard Top Umbrella Shade
  • 4-Post Hard Top Gable Shade
    4-Post Hard Top Gable Shade

For maximum shade strength, choose a Picnic Shelter shade unit. The roofs are made from steel, and they’re 100% waterproof. These designs of shade are more akin to a picnic shelter, but they can be used for just about any purpose. They’re available in many designs, including 4-post models, umbrella models, and gable end units (think a classic “V”-shaped roof). More information is available on our website Picnic Shelters USA.

Hardtop shades have many benefits, including

they’re stronger than shade units with fabric canopies. Hardtop shades are rated for snow loads, whereas our fabric canopies are not. So, you don’t have to remove the shade canopy if the weather forecast calls for snow, ice, or very strong winds.

• they’re 100% waterproof. Fabric canopies are only 90% waterproof and do let a “mist” of rain come through

SRP manufactures these hard top shades.

Picnic Shelter Installation Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC

In addition to selling a full range of picnic shelters nationwide, we also install them throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Our experienced team does professional work and we offer superior customer service throughout the process. If you are interested in getting a picnic shelter for your school, playground, business or public entity, call us today at 877-840-0707  to get a custom quote.