Umbrella Shades

Available in 3 Styles and Many Different Sizes

  • Hexagon Umbrella Shade
    Hexagon Umbrella Shade
  • Square Playground Umbrellas
    Square Playground Umbrellas
  • Square Umbrellas in Many Colors
    Square Umbrellas in Many Colors
  • Cantilever Umbrella Shade
    Cantilever Umbrella Shade
  • Dual Column Umbrella
    Dual Column Umbrella
  • Dual Cantilever Umbrella
    Dual Cantilever Umbrella
  • Modern Umbrella Shades
    Modern Umbrella Shades

These umbrella shades block out the sun from reaching children on your commercial or home playground. They also keep temperatures down by creating areas of shade. Even better, the single-post design maximizes space under the canopy and keeps the ground free of extra obstacles that children might run into. As the sun grows stronger, so does the usefulness of our umbrella shade structures. They’re supplied by MD Materials, a leading national playground equipment and services company.

We sell several types of umbrella shades:

umbrella hexagon shadeUmbrellas with Center Post
Choose square, hexagon, or octagon
umbrella rectangleUmbrellas with Dual Posts
Rectangle canopy only.
umbrella hexagon octagon shadesUmbrella (Cantilever Design)
Choose square or hexagon canopy

Benefits of Umbrella Shades

Playground umbrella shades have many benefits, including:

UV screening of up to 99%, and shade cover of up to 92% (depending on the color of the shade’s fabric)

playgroundshadestructures_umbrella3• high water repellence levels, keeping the area underneath the shade quite dry

• your playground equipment will be cooler, reducing the degree of fading of the paint and plastic

• your children will be cooler, minimizing health problems associated with heat exhaustion and exposure to sunlight

• your playground shade comes with a 10-year limited warranty