Gallery of Playground Shades

Playground shades and shade structures protect your commercial or home area from the sun. Below, you’ll find slideshows of images of the different types of shades we sell. Choose from the slideshows for square and rectangle shades, hexagon and octagon shades, umbrella shades, and sail shades. You can also view color selections available for the shade canopies. There’s also a helpful video showing our construction team in action, building shade structures from the ground up.

Playground Shades Designs

playground shades gallery
Our playground shades and shade structures come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, offering countless options for playground sun protection.

Playground Shades Construction Video

The video below shows our company’s shade installation crew in action, installing a 4-post rectangular shade and a single-post cantilever model at a school. As you’ll see, installing a playground shade requires coordinated planning and some hardware to put the vertical posts in the ground, secure them with concrete, and attach the canopies. It’s not rocket science, nor is it highly specialized work, but selecting an installer with construction experience and an eye for detail will go far towards ensuring a successful project.

Square and Rectangular Playground Shades

Square and rectangular shades are the most popular models that we sell. That’s because they cast long shadows but don’t present (too) many obstacles for children using the playground, unlike a hexagon or octagon model. Our shades and rectangles are available in any height you need, starting at 8 feet above ground level. This 8-foot height is also our most popular height, but if you’re putting a shade structure over existing play equipment, you may need a higher height. The safety rule is, the canopy above the play structure must be at least 72″ above the tallest designated play surface (for a play structure with multiple platforms, you’d measure 72″ above the highest platform that kids are supposed to stand on).


  • Group of Square Sepia Shades
    Group of Square Sepia Shades
  • Blue Rectangle Shades
    Blue Rectangle Shades
  • Large Green Rectangle Shade
    Large Green Rectangle Shade
  • Large Yellow Rectangle Shade
    Large Yellow Rectangle Shade

Square and Rectangle Cantilever Models (Posts Along 1 Side of the Shade)

  • Cantilevered Rectangle Shade
    Cantilevered Rectangle Shade
  • Cantilevered Umbrella Shade
    Cantilevered Umbrella Shade
  • Dual Cantilevered Umbrella
    Dual Cantilevered Umbrella

Hexagon and Octagon Shades

Hexagon and octagon shades are more commonly used for picnic areas and seating locations, but they also add a great visual look to any playground. Heights start at 8′ above ground level.

  • Tall Hip Hexagon Shade
    Tall Hip Hexagon Shade
  • Hip Hexagon Shade
    Hip Hexagon Shade
  • Hip Hexagon Shade
    Hip Hexagon Shade

Sail-Design Playground Shades

Our sail shades are available in dozens of configurations, involving multiple sails, heights, and vertical posts. They’re best used on play areas where you don’t need complete shade coverage; by virtue of their design, some sun will get through the openings between the canopies. They also tend to be more expensive than traditional square and rectangle models. Please phone us toll free today for more information on these shades.


  • Multi-Colored Sail Shades
    Multi-Colored Sail Shades
  • Beige Sail Over Pavilion
    Beige Sail Over Pavilion
  • Purples and Blues
    Purples and Blues
  • 4-Post Rectangle Sail Structure
    4-Post Rectangle Sail Structure
  • Rainbow of Sail Shades
    Rainbow of Sail Shades

Umbrella-Design Playground Shades

Our umbrella shades are great for small areas that you want to cover … although our umbrellas can get mighty big, depending on your needs. Our larger umbrella shades have 2 mounting options: permanent, in-ground mount (dig a hole and secure the post with concrete) or “portable” mount (create a small concrete platform and bolt the base of the vertical post to it). Our smaller shades are available with just a weighted base-plate that rests on the ground and is held in place merely by the force of gravity. For more information on these shades, just phone us toll free.

  • Hexagon Umbrella Shade
    Hexagon Umbrella Shade
  • Square Playground Umbrellas
    Square Playground Umbrellas
  • Square Umbrellas in Many Colors
    Square Umbrellas in Many Colors
  • Cantilever Umbrella Shade
    Cantilever Umbrella Shade
  • Dual Column Umbrella
    Dual Column Umbrella
  • Dual Cantilever Umbrella
    Dual Cantilever Umbrella
  • Modern Umbrella Shades
    Modern Umbrella Shades


Hexagon – Octagon Umbrella Shades

  • Hexagon Umbrella Shade
    Hexagon Umbrella Shade
    Our company installed this shade at a splash park in Virginia in the summer of 2015.
  • Play Area Hexagon Umbrella
    Play Area Hexagon Umbrella
  • Pool Park Hexagon Umbrella
    Pool Park Hexagon Umbrella


Cantilevered Umbrellas (Exterior Post On the Outside of the Canopy)

  • Cantilever Umbrella with Square Canopy
    Cantilever Umbrella with Square Canopy
  • Dual Cantilevered Umbrella
    Dual Cantilevered Umbrella
  • Cantilever Umbrella Hexagon
    Cantilever Umbrella Hexagon