Virginia Playground Shades Installation

virginia shade installation
Our company recently installed this double cantilever umbrella shade at a swimming club in Northern Virginia. They subsequently hired us to install a second shade over their baby pool.

Yes, Virginia, our company does install playground shades in the Old Dominion.

Through our parent company, Maryland Materials, we have installed many playground shades at schools, daycares, and churches in Virginia. We know the soil, the landscape, and the permitting laws. Unlike some online companies, we don’t just flip these playground shade structures from a catalog; our construction teams have built them from the ground up (see photo below).

playground shades installation virginia
Our company recently installed this rectangular shade structure over an existing preschool playground at a church in Ashburn, VA.

If you need references from our past customers, just phone us at 301-840-0707. We’re happy to talk about our experiences; each job yields its own challenges and opportunities to learn. We’ve built everything from small 10′ x 10′ square playground shades to towering structures that require a boom to hoist the posts into place.

Please also phone us if you have any general questions about our shade products.

We’re based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, just a short drive from Virginia. Most of our experience is in the northern part of the state, but we’re happy to travel for the right project. If you’d like to check to see if our company works in your city or state, just phone our office. Also, if you need business references from previous customers, just phone our office and we’re happy to supply them to you. Our customer service is thorough and comprehensive, and we stand by our products 100 percent. Our commitment to our customers is as strong as the Schedule 40 steel that our shade structures’ vertical posts are forged from.

For shade structure installations in Virginia, we’re the company to call. We’ve been in business since 1986, and we have installed dozens of shades of various sizes during our thirty years of operations.

Phone us toll free today for more information about our shade structure installations in Virginia!