• Playground Umbrella Shades
    Playground Umbrella Shades
  • Sail Shade
    Sail Shade
  • 4-Post Square Shade
    4-Post Square Shade
  • 4-Post Rectangle Structure
    4-Post Rectangle Structure

Playground Shades: Complete Coverage!

We provide a complete line of shade structures at the best prices, backed by 30 years of experience.
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square and rectangle shade structureSquare and Rectangle Shadescantilever shade for your playgroundCantilever Shadesumbrella shade Umbrella Shades
mini-canopy shadesMini-Canopy Shadessail shadeSail Shadeshexagon and octagon shadesHexagon and Octagon Shades

Our full range of playground shade structures is great for schools, daycares, and more! There are many designs to choose from: square and rectangle shades, hexagon and octagon shades umbrella-style shades, cantilevered shades, futuristic sail shades, and even mini-canopies you can attach to existing play units. All of our shades come in standard sizes that you see on many playgrounds, but we can also custom-design shade structures to your needs. Our steel posts are rated to hurricane-force winds, and our rugged canopies are designed for long-life use. More importantly, our company has installed and built dozens of large shade structures on real-life playgrounds, while our competitors just flip them online from a catalog. We can install shades in many states, and we offer experienced advice and information about our products and how to install them. For more information, phone us toll free or contact us online or visit our parent site playgroundequipmentusa.comSee our Video on Playground Shade Structure Installation

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The Benefits of Playground Shades

Our company sells and installs playground shades in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. You’ll find other companies online that sell shades, but many of those companies just flip them out of catalogs. Our work crews and sales representatives actually have hands-on experience digging the holes, lifting the posts, pouring the concrete, and attaching the shade canopies. This hands-on experience gives them the knowledge to offer you informed analysis of your needs for the shades and how to install them.When figuring out which model and size of shade to get, you should measure your play area and figure out the dimensions of the area you want to cast shadow over. You should also carefully watch the path of the sun over the playground during the day. This will help you decide where to sink the posts in the ground. When calculating shade height, remember that the numbers we list (example: 8 foot height) is the height of the outside edge of the shade above ground level. With many shade designs, the height of the shade in the middle will be about 3 or 4 feet higher than the outside edge. If you have any questions about our playground shades,
just phone us toll free at (877) 840-0707 today.