Square and Rectangle Cantilever Shades

Stylish Cantilever shades are a great way to create shaded areas without the interference of metal posts. To receive a quote, contact or call us today!


Cantilever shades allow you to shade an area without the interference from vertical posts. They do this by placing the post on the outside of the canopy, away from the play area. Square and rectangle cantilever shades have posts along one side of the canopy (for rectangles, usually one of the long sides). Because these shades create shaded areas by projecting outwards, they protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun without obstructing the space underneath the shade.

Benefits of Cantilever Shades

By using  a cantilevered square or rectangle shade, you get the full sun protection without any obstruction from vertical posts at each corner. On top of that, cantilever shades are also aesthetically pleasing, which is why they are preferred by many customers. Having less vertical poles also creates a safer environment for children since it reduces the amount of hard metal poles. For more information about these shades, click here.


We offer many sizes of cantilever square and rectangle shades. Canopy sizes start at 10′ x 10′ and increase from there by 2-foot increases. Custom sizes are also available.


The height of a cantilever shade is the height of the outside edge of the canopy above ground level. The lowest height we offer is 8 feet, which is actually 11 or 12 feet high up in the center of the canopy. We also offer 10 feet, 12 feet, and 14 feet high cantilever shades as standard models. Custom orders are available for height above 14 feet.

Square and Rectangle Cantilever Shades