Shade Installation

playground shade installations
Your playground shade installer should have construction experience and a good eye for detail.

Our company sells and ships commercial-grade shade structures to all 50 states and beyond. For installation, our work area is limited to Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia; unfortunately, we don’t install shades in other states. But we may be able to put your organization in touch with a factory team that can install the shade for you. Our operations team is also available for consultation over the phone about the installation process, including preparing the site, assembling the structure, and attaching the canopy.

Level of Expertise Needed for Playground Shades

Installing a shade structure isn’t rocket science — a team or 2 or more people with some basic construction experience can usually do it without too much trouble, at least for the smaller shades. Our work crews typically send 4 – 5 members to install a shade structure, but it can be done with as few as 2 (depending on size). To see a video of our team in action, just go to the Gallery page of this website.

On-Going Shade Maintenance

Once your shade is installed, little maintenance is involved on a day-to-day basis. Rain and hail won’t make any difference to your shade canopy or the structure itself. Only if you hear of unusual weather conditions, like very strong winds, hurricanes, or “derechos”) should you consider removing the canopy.

On a seasonal basis, you should keep a careful eye on the weather. In states that receive snowfall, it’s helpful to remember that snow is a lot heavier than you think; even a couple of inches can strain shade canopy attachments and put unnecessary weight on the structure. If you live in a state that receives snow, we highly recommend removing shade canopies in autumn and putting them back on when winter is over.

For more information about installing or maintaining a shade structure, just phone us at (877) 840-0707. Or, if you just have general questions about shades, please feel free to give us a call. We’re standing by to help!