Wrap Around Post Pad 2″ Padding

Original price was: $189.99.Current price is: $159.99.

These  post pads 72″ tall with a 2″ padding thickness.  Originally priced at $189.99, this item is now on sale for $159.99. This is a high-quality, weather resistant and durable item that is sure to last for many years. For more information, visit our page on post padding.


Our post pads are an essential feature of any playground. By placing these around pole structures, children are protected against hard, metal poles that can potentially cause injury. Our post pads also come in a variety of colors and can be custom made to include text.

The benefits of playground post padding

The main benefit is SAFETY. These pads provide real protection from the possibility of collisions with a rigid metal post. Made from 14-ounce vinyl, these post pads are the same strength as the padding found around football goal posts and basketball poles. You can choose between velcro or tie-on attachments for your playground post padding. Our post pads also come in a variety of colors, sizes and thickness to match the needs and design of your playground.

Our playground post padding not only prevents collisions, but it can really enhance the look and design of your playground. We also offer post pads in animal printswhich are quite popular with children! You can choose between leopard print, cow print, tiger print and more!

Sizes available: several heights and diameters are available. Custom sizes are also available. Call us at (877) 840-0707 to inquire about sizes.

Prices: Please call us at (877) 840-0707 or send a message to get an accurate quote. You may also fill out the contact form to the right for questions and inquires about our playground post padding

Wrap Around Post Pad 2″ Padding


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