Hexagon Umbrella Shades


Our hexagon umbrella shades come in several sizes and heights. Choose your preferences below and get a quote. Remember that canopy dimensions and shade heights of all sizes are available upon custom order request. 


Our umbrella shade structures with a hexagon or octagon canopy add a stylish design, while also maintaining that classic look. The center-post design allows for larger canopies at greater heights. In fact, sizes are available all the way up to 27′ x 27′.

Benefits of Hexagon Umbrella Shades

Hexagon umbrella shades are a great way to create needed shade on the playground or outside area, while also incorporating a stylish design. Since there is only one single pole in the center, there is plenty of room for you and your family to enjoy in the shade and out of the way of the UV rays of the sun.

Center-Post Shade Sizes

Center-post hexagon or octagon shades are available in the following sizes: 10′ x 10′, 12′ x 12′, 14′ x 14′, 16′ x 16′, 18′ x 18′, 20′ x 20′, 22′ x 22′, 24′ x 24′, 25′ x 25′, and 27′ x 27′. The weight and thickness of the center post will vary based on canopy size required.

Hexagon Umbrella Shades