Hip Roof Rectangle Playground Shade (4-post)


Our 4-post rectangle shade structures can be purchased in a variety of canopy sizes and heights. Choose your size and height below to get a quote. Remember that a rectangle playground shade can also be custom ordered for any size or height. 


hip roof rectangle playground shade not only adds a classic design to your playground, but needed protection against harmful UV rays. This design provides maximum strength for the canopy-support structure and the canopy. These 4-post rectangular shade structures come in heights of 8 feet, 10 feet, 12 feet. Custom heights of 14 feet or higher are also available. Several options are also available for canopy sizes. If you need a custom size, just fill out the contact form to the right or call us directly at (877) 840-0707.

Benefits of Hip Roof Rectangle Shades

The vertical posts at each corner of the rectangle shade support the overhead structure to which the canopy attaches. The exterior posts are secured in the ground with concrete, providing the strength to support even the largest canopies covering an entire play area. (For larger shade structures, more than 4 posts may be needed; 6 or 8 posts may be needed for larger shade structure design.) The canopy shades are designed to withstand winds up to 76 mph and a 3-second wind gust of up to 90 mph. The shades’ steel structures are built to withstand winds up to 140 mph. On each shade, the fabric canopy can be removed easily by using a patented quick-release system, also known as a ‘Glide Elbow’. These patented quick-release systems are available for purchase and they are highly recommended for the installation of the shade structure canopies.

Sizes: We offer many sizes and heights for our rectangle shades. Canopy sizes start at 10′ x 12′ and are available in increments of 10′ x 12′. 10′ x 15′. 10′ x 18′, 10′ x 20′. 13′ x 15′, 13′ x 20′, 15′ x 22′, 15′ x 25′, 18′ x 20′, 18′ x 24′, 18′ x 28′, 18′ x 28′, 18′ x 32′, 18′ x 36′, 20′ x 24′, 20′ x 26′, 20′ x 30′, 20′ x 34′, 20′ x 38′, 24′ x 26′, 24′ x 30′, 24′ x 34′, 24′ x 38′, 24′ x 40′, 28′ x 30′, 28′ x 34′, 28′ x 38′. Other custom sizes are also available. 

Heights available:
 The height of a rectangle shade is the height of the outside edge of the canopy above ground level. Heights of 8′, 10′ and 12′ are available. Custom orders for heights of 14′ or higher are also available.and increase in 2-foot increments. For covering an area with no play equipment, 8′ height is fine. For covering playground equipment, you’ll probably need a higher canopy. The rule of thumb is, you need 84″ of clearance above the highest designated play surface of the play structure (the highest point that children are supposed to be standing on; in most cases, this is the highest platform).

Canopy features: UV screening of up to 99% UV screening. Shade cover of up to 92% (depending on the color of the shade’s fabric). Water repellent levels of 80%.

Fabric colors available: Several colors are available. Please visit our page on hip roof shades to see a list of colors.

Powder coating colors available (for the vertical posts): Several colors are available. Please visit our page on hip roof shades to see a list of colors.

Hip Roof Rectangle Playground Shade (4-post)